Zulutrade Review

Zulutrade Review

ZuluTrade: The Ultimate Social Trading Community For Copy Trading

ZuluTrade is the world's largest social trading community, bridging the gap between valuable information in the money market and trade execution. Founded in 2007, the capital market trading platform provides multiple automation and copy trading options.

ZuluTrade is the go-to platform where beginners and novice traders learn and trade risk-free while following professional traders' advice. The platform boasts of over 1 million users, with a trading volume above $900 billion. ZuluTrade has patterned over 64 global brokerages to provide various social trading offerings


Is ZuluTrade Legit?

ZuluTrade is a legitimate social and copy trading platform regulated in several jurisdictions. It received an EU Portfolio Management license in 2015, resulting in the creation of Triple-A Experts Investment Services providing brokerage services in Europe.

The Greek Hellenic Capital Markets Commission also regulates it. The company also operates a Japanese subsidiary. In the U.S, t is certified by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC and operates as an IB and commodity trading advisor.

ZuluTrade: How it works

ZuluTrade has two categories. Signal providers and followers. In this case, signal providers are professional traders willing to share their trades and let other traders copy them. In this case, the signal providers earn a commission depending on how successful their trading signals and strategies are.


In this case, the followers are other traders who copy the strategies or carried out by signal providers. Followers can also copy strategies created by other followers.

What Trading Products Does ZuluTrade Support?

As a leading automation and copy trading platform, ZuluTrade supports many capital market securities. For starters, users can leverage the power of Contract for Difference to trade a number of securities and profit from price differences. Similarly, it accords traders with access to currency pairs in the forex markets. Traders can also trade cryptocurrencies, binary options, commodities such as oil and gold, and indices such as NASDAQ.

The assets that traders can trade depend on the signal providers given the vast partnerships that ZuluTrade maintains with leading global brokers. Likewise, it strives to provide the best exposure across various sectors in the capital markets.

What Account Types Does ZuluTrade Offer?

ZuluTrade offers three basic trading accounts. The Demo account is available to traders who would like to get a feel at how the social and copy trading platform operates. The demo account comes with all the functionality of a real account, allowing traders to polish their trading skills risk-free.

The Demo account is fully customizable, allowing traders to select their account type, base currency leverage, and balance. Rates represent the market at all times with the Comprehensive Stop Out level at 100%.


A classic account is also on offer for advanced users who clearly understand how to go about trading. It is a manual or fully customized copy-trading account. It also comes with standard volume-based commissions.

A Profit Sharing ZuluTrade account is available for hands-Off investors, ideal for beginners. The trading account comes with zero trading commissions. The account has a $30 monthly subscription requirement through which traders get to enjoy share profits.

With all the three accounts, you gain access to charts, data, alerts, and forex signals.

Does ZuluTrade Have a Mobile App?

Yes. ZuluTrade comes with Android and iOS apps that allow traders to stay in tune with the market while on the go. The mobile apps come with portals for viewing performance, review for new traders to copy. It is also possible to place trades via the mobile app. Likewise, you can manage your risk settings in the mobile app.

The ZuluTrade mobile app is designed to complement the desktop-based platform. Functionality continues to improve with updates.

Which Payment Options Does ZuluTrade Support?

When it comes to depositing and withdrawing money from ZuluTrade, several payment options are available. However, the funding options depend on the broker that a trader is using. Some of the popular payment options include PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, and ZuluTrade MasterCard.

What Fees Are Available?

ZuluTrade does not have standard charges as other forex brokers. Since it partners with brokers to provide copy trading options, fees in the form of spreads vary depending on the selected broker. However, traders can still enjoy competitive pricing through AAAFX owned by ZuluTrade.

Besides, through the Profit Sharing ZuluTrade account, traders should expect a monthly fee of $30 plus a 25% profit sharing capacity.

Which Trading Platforms Does Zulu Offer?


Zulu does not provide a trading platform. Instead, traders must connect their MT4 trading accounts offered by brokers with ZuluTrade Account. The interconnection allows users to access all relevant information and portfolio management tools from the back office.

What Unique Trading Features does ZuluTrade Offer?

ZuluTrade offers unique features designed to maximize profitability and enhance security as well as simulate portfolio.

The Automator feature allows users to create rules and automate trading experience. This way, ZuluTrade enhances all trading activities.

ZuluGuard, on the other hand, protects portfolios from unexpected swings.

The simulator feature provides investors with an overview of past performances for a better understanding of what to expect.

On the other hand, Traders Combos is an ideal tool for enhancing diversification and risk reduction in portfolios.

What is the Minimum Initial Deposit?

With as little as $1, you can access the ZuluTrade social and copy trading platform. However, individual brokers may require one to deposit as much as $300 to access the copy trade platform. Also, leverage is available, allowing traders to place large trades using a small amount of capital.


ZuluTrade Pros

ZuluTrade Drawbacks


ZuluTrade is an ideal social and copy trading platform for traders looking to gain a head start in trading. The platform provides a perfect way to earn some passive income on the side by copying trades carried out by professional traders.

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