Top 5 Companies And Brands Owned By Alphabet

Alphabet is a tech giant for a reason. Over the years, the company has carried out strategic acquisitions and mergers all in the effort of strengthening its core business. In addition, strategic acquisitions have allowed the company to expand its footprint into new areas with vast opportunities for growth.

The search giant owns more than 200 companies, as part of its massive empire, involved in areas of robotics, mapping, telecommunication as well as advertising. Below are the company’s biggest brands.


Google is Alphabet’s biggest brand run by Sundai Pichai. It is under Google that the likes of YouTube, Android, and Gmail, as well as ad-tech and Google Maps, operate.

YouTube is one of Google’s biggest brands as it complements its search business on the advertising front. Dubbed as the biggest video platform online, YouTube has allowed Alphabet to affirm its edge when it comes to video advertising. Alphabet purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006, consequently growing it to become a key stream of revenues.

Alphabet has also carved a niche for itself in the navigation business with Google Maps. The mapping platform provides aerial views for most parts, in addition to street-level views of many cities around the world. While the Alphabet does not specify how much money it makes from the Google Maps, it is estimated it makes more than $1 billion annually.


AdSense is one of Google’s biggest brands when it comes to advertising. Through AdSense, Google can provide the text as well as images, videos, and other interactive media for marketing campaigns at a fee.

In recent years, AdSense has generated close to a quarter of Alphabet total revenues having emerged as a standard for advertising online.

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Google Nest

Google Nest is one of Alphabet’s biggest brand that has diversified the core business beyond the search business. Nest is the brand focused on the development of smart home products ranging from smart speakers to smart displays as well as thermostats and streaming devices.

Originally owned by Nest labs, Google acquired the unit for $3.2 billion in 2014. While Google does not give much detail on the amount of revenue the brand generates, it is reported that the brand generated $726 million in revenue in 2017 and an operating loss of $621 million.


Motorola is Alphabet’s biggest acquisition to date. The tech giant forked $12.5 billion in 2011 as it sought to strengthen its footprint on home devices and video solutions. With the acquisition, the company was able to strengthen its patent portfolio on gaining access to over 17,000 patents.

The patents that Motorola came with have allowed Alphabet to protect some of its other biggest brands from competition such as Android.


Run by David Lowe, CapitalG is Alphabet’s other investment arm. Operating as a private equity firm, the unit invests in growth-stage technology companies as well as established private companies such as Glassdoor.

CapitalG also provides companies’ access to Alphabet’s people, knowledge as well as guidance for growth.

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