einvestment Investment Platform Review

What is eInvestment?

eInvestment is an online investing platform that allows individual investors to get instant access to advanced high interest rate investment products. This highly specialised investment product is from Gulliver Group which is a multi-industry and multi-region Investment and IT company established in 2015 in Gibraltar.

Why eInvestment Platform?

Team with proven experience in Wealth and Asset Management Industries

In this era of digital economy, financial markets can be intimidating the first time you try to put your money to work, so it helps to have an online investment platform driven by a team of investment experts that has a wealth of experience in understanding the markets, different industries and financial products that understands that and puts in an effort to help the investor to reap in the benefits of their investments. eInvestment Portfolio managers come from a range of industries with accumulated knowledge and proven experience over the years from a range of industries ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Green Energy, Robotics & Automation, Fintech, Live Streaming and Digital Innovations. The Management team at eInvestment has over 90 combined years of experience in Asset and Wealth management industries in the largest and most famous financial institutions in the world. In addition to trading securities and digital assets, the board members of eInvestment has on the ground knowledge and practical experience in the industries where investor funds are allocated by portfolio managers. The team is driven to ensure sustainable capital growth for the investors who have invested in the one of top performing funds on the eInvestment Platform.

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High Performing Investment Portfolios

eInvestment Platform offers two different types of portfolios to suit investors with diverse risk appetites. They are:

  • Extra High Yield
  • Sustainable Growth

Extra High Yield

Extra High Yield portfolio is the top performing product with regular interest payments that are distributed weekly. eInvestment Analysts and Portfolio managers allocate the funds in mostly high volatile securities and cryptocurrencies that are the key performance drivers. These sectors involve higher risk because of much higher market volatility but much more return is the result of risk management strategies employed by the team at eInvestments. Interest payments are distributed every Tuesday after calculations of the returns from the previous week.

Sustainable Growth

If you are looking for sustainable growth of savings with minimised risks, Sustainable Growth Portfolio products fits the bill. Funds are allocated in the securities of companies specialised in digital innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cloud Computing, fintech and live streaming, biometrics and cyber security. These sectors of the economy has the best potential to grow further in the future. The interest in this fund is distributed every month based on the trading result of the previous month.

Low Fees

The more you invest, the less performance fee is paid to eInvestment from your return for growth and protection of your assets. The minimum investment is just EUR 1000 for registering and investing on the platform.

Paperless on-boarding

Simplified on-boarding process for customers with less than 5 minutes to register and to start accessing the platform.

Secure Investment Portal

eInvestment is one of the most promising investment platforms out in the market. You can access the account and make an investment on any device.

Deposits and Withdrawls

Invest and withdraw funds in just a few clicks on the eInvestment Platform.

Disclaimer: All investments carry risks. Past performance is not a guarantee for future returns. Please visit to learn more about the licensing and regulation details.

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