20 Cybersecurity Stocks to Watch in 2022

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, global investment in information technology decreased in 2020, although cybersecurity spending defied this trend. In addition, as cloud computing and remote work grew more common, businesses faced new security issues.

Due to this inherent need for the safety of a company’s data, cybersecurity stocks have seen an upward trajectory in value. This is good news for you, especially if you’re just beginning your stock market journey.

Demand for long-term data security through next-generation security software in the digital world is higher than ever. Thus, cybersecurity firms have begun to offer profitable cybersecurity stocks to profit from the global tech market’s stability.

Let’s look at some of the best cybersecurity stocks to watch in 2022:

Darktrace Plc.

Darktrace Plc is a leading cybersecurity company based in Cambridge, UK. It develops cyber-threat defense technology solutions for clients all over the world. The company’s cybersecurity solutions include enterprise immune system, industrial immune system, cyber-AI analyst, and Darktrace antigena. The company services businesses from all industries such as financial services corporations, healthcare organizations, media and entertainment, education, and crucial national infrastructure organizations.

A10 Networks Inc.

A10 Networks Inc. is one of the best cybersecurity stocks to buy in 2022 because it provides networking solutions worldwide, particularly in Japan, the United States, and the European Union. This cybersecurity firm serves industries such as telecom, retail, government, and education with cybersecurity products such as Thunder Application Delivery Controller, Lightning ADC, Thunder Carrier Grade Networking, Thunder Threat Protection System, Thunder Secure Sockets Layer, and others.

Cloudflare, Inc.

Another leading cybersecurity firm, Cloudflare, Inc., generated integrated cloud-based security solutions to secure various types of cloud applications, including DDoS, SSL/TLS, and other rate-limiting solutions. To safeguard against cybercriminals, Cloudflare offers internal infrastructure solutions, Cloudflare applications, a Consumer DNS resolver, and more.


The cybersecurity software from NortonLifeLock covers everything from threat and data loss prevention to email and cloud security. It also provides security software for enterprises of all kinds and consumer items. The company claims that its solutions stop 142 million cyber threats and attacks every day.

Leidos Holdings, Inc.

One of the more well-known cybersecurity stocks is Leidos Holdings, Inc., which provides solutions to the defense, healthcare, civic, and intelligence markets worldwide. Its services are cyber technology, large-scale systems, data analytics, intelligence analysis, and operations. In addition, the company offers a variety of cybersecurity solutions to help businesses successfully implement digital transformation.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks provides a cybersecurity platform that protects across cloud, networks, and mobile devices. Among the company’s solutions include firewalls, endpoint protection, and more.

Fortinet, Inc.

Fortinet, Inc. is recognized for security-driven networking in a hyperconnected world. The firm aims to secure major corporations and government institutions by providing intelligent and seamless defense across the expanding attack surface. It uses the Fortinet Protection Fabric architecture to provide the highest level of security to combat modern cybercriminal tactics efficiently and effectively.


F5 assists businesses in managing and securing their mobile applications. App administration, cloud deployment, and security are among its offerings. The firm’s app security prevents DDoS and bot-driven assaults and data breaches.

Okta, Inc.

Okta, Inc. is a cybersecurity firm that offers an identity management platform for various businesses through its Okta identity cloud, universal directory, single sign-on, lifecycle management, API access management, and other services. The company aims to help manage and secure identities with multi-factor authentication for maximum protection in an organization.


Varonis’ data security platform examines data from data stores and perimeter devices to provide users with a snapshot of activity. It also comes with built-in reports for tracking security metrics. Customers can use Varonis to safeguard data, identify dangers, and respond to internal and external cyber threats.

CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc.

CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. is a popular stock in cybersecurity because of its cloud-delivered endpoint solutions and comprehensive cloud workload protection at the global level. The company offers the Falcon platform through a SaaS subscription-based model that includes endpoint protection, cloud security, managed security services, and threat intelligence.


SolarWinds is an IT firm specializing in network and database administration and IT service management and security. The company’s security tools assist users in controlling who has access to IT infrastructure and monitoring, reporting, and responding to security issues as they arise.

Zscaler, Inc.

This cybersecurity firm provides Zscaler internet access solutions to provide operational technology, safe access to IoT devices, and SaaS applications. In addition, the company offers various cybersecurity solutions, including Zscaler private access solutions, Zscaler digital experience, Zscaler cloud security posture management, Zscaler cloud workload segmentation, Zscaler central authority, and more.


Mimecast offers cloud-based email and data security and risk management services. In addition, the firm provides various cybersecurity solutions, including Mimecast email security, Mimecast business information archiving, cyber resilience extensions, Mimecast secure messaging, Mimecast mobile and desktop apps, and others.

Absolute Software

The great thing about Absolute Software is that its clients can track security breaches across devices in real-time. The firm’s cloud-based software provides endpoint security across numerous devices on a network. In addition, its Absolute Persistence technology is included in the firmware of Dell, HP, Lenovo, and other manufacturers’ devices.

Cyren Ltd.

Because this cybersecurity firm produces information security solutions for securing the web, email, and mobile transactions, Cyren Ltd. is another reasonably well-known cybersecurity stock. The company offers Cyren threat detection services, malware detection engine, Cyren threat intelligence data products, Zombie host intelligence, and others, including Cyren email security and Cyren threat in-depth.


Splunk, a long-time pioneer in data analytics, makes software that lets businesses sift through logs of data, monitor digital activity, and manage reactions to data breaches. Although its platform predates cloud computing, the firm has been rapidly transferring users to newer cloud-based versions of its software.


Akamai is a content delivery network (CDN) that guarantees that your data arrives safely at its intended destination. CDNs are becoming increasingly vital as the quantity of data flying across the internet grows. Akamai has bought Israel-based Guardicore to improve its network security capabilities and safeguard its clients against ransomware threats.

Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.

Check Point creates security solutions and software that will protect businesses and governments from malware, ransomware, and other targeted cyber assault. Furthermore, its multi-level security design safeguards data in the cloud, on networks, and on mobile devices.


Datadog is a cloud-native platform that collects, monitors, and analyzes data and activities in the cloud. The firm uses artificial intelligence to assist in the automation of the process of monitoring extensive and complicated collections of data, alleviating some of the stress placed on busy IT teams. It’s also been progressively improving the capabilities of its platform with new modules for cloud-based security and data monitoring.

Is now the Best Time To Invest In Cybersecurity Stocks

Cybersecurity has become increasingly important as cyber threats have gotten more complicated. Individuals and businesses alike want to safeguard their money and data from various online dangers, such as phishing, malware, eavesdropping, and denial-of-service assaults.

With its growing relevance, it’s only natural that investment in the industry has exploded.

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