Top 10 financial news websites for serious traders

Trading is one of the most well-established investment processes. It is also considered as one of the most profitable passive incomes. For that reason, many people are risking their hard-earned savings to invest in trading. Thus, it is important that every serious trader is equipped with sufficient trading knowledge to minimize these risks. The best way to be informed is being updated with finance news. In this article, we listed down the top 10 financial news websites for serious traders. These financial websites are not only filled with content but have comprehensive website designs that are easy to use. Check out each of their websites and see what a good web design services professional can do to the website.

The Financial Times

The Financial Times is a well-known business news publication. Their online website provides comprehensive financial and trading news. They usually cover the prominent stock markets in the world. Their website also has a feature wherein you can categorize your page view. The only downside of The Financial Times is that you need a paid subscription to view the whole article. However, the subscription is worthwhile since you will also get access to expert comments, editorials, and other useful content. If you have a website that you want viewers to pay a subscription to access, you can hire a web design services Singapore agency to help you create it.

CNN Markets

As one of the biggest news networks in the world, CNN Markets covers the finance news of the world. Its website is one of the easiest to browse current trading news. That is because they invested well in a great website design. You can do that as well by hiring a web design services Singapore company. CNN Markets write news on current financial events, trending stocks, changes in commodities and so much more. They are usually the quickest in posting updates in the financial world.

Bloomberg Markets

Another powerful financial news publication that traders should subscribe for is the Bloomberg Markets. This news website is always updated with the current market trends, along with top headlines and stories. They also post videos for those who prefer to listen and watch financial news. Their diverse content in finance is one of the reasons why many traders prefer Bloomberg Markets in searching for their trading news.


TheStreet is a good website to go if you want news that is focused on investing. Their website content also features commentary on current events, investing recommendations, opinion pieces, and the basics of getting into the market. The co-founder, Jim Cramer, a financial expert, is a main contributor in the content. Thus, traders can assure that they are given quality finance news and advice.

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha doesn’t create their own content. However, they are best known for being a good financial news aggregator. They compile information such as trending investment articles and recent finance news. They also cover the best-performing stocks every month. Seeking Alpha does the research for you. All traders need to do is go to their website and read content.


If you like Bloomberg Markets, you will also like Reuters. They almost have the same website features. Reuters gives a broad coverage of financial news, most commonly on stocks, sectors, and markets. They also let you search on their portal to check out the status of stock companies and other trading commodities.


Investopedia is a good website that covers investment news. They deliver news as if they are educating the traders. That is why they are the go-to website in searching for the meaning of financial terms. They also cover the key operational metrics for hundreds of companies and also guides in stock trading and other investment ventures.


Investing.com offers impartial and in-depth news across a variety of investments topics. They are up-to-date with the latest happenings in the stock exchange. You can view future contracts, commodity prices, ETFs, and forex prices on their homepage. That is why Investing.com is a good news platform for active traders.


MarketWatch is a branch publication of the Wall Street Journal that focuses on the daily stock market status. They also offer plenty of investment news and updates. You can sign up an account so you can get a customized view of stocks you wish to monitor. MarketWatch is more for the advanced and experienced traders since most of its content is catered to them. If you are interested in website view customization similar to Market Watch, you can hire a web design services Singapore expert to do it for you.

Google Finance

Similar to Seeking Alpha, Google Finance is an aggregator website where you can find the current financial news from all credible finance websites. It also compiles several other financial information such as price quotes, charts, related competitor companies, key ratios, earnings reports, and links. Google Finance may not be up-to-date but they have every financial data you need.

In summary

Information is still the best tool to prevent risks. That is most certainly the case in the stock trading industry. Being timely informed on the market situation will help you immediately decide so you can capitalize on the profit potential or avoid losses. Thus, you will be successful in trading.

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