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United Airlines Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:UAL) Resorts To Rapid COVID-19 Tests To Coax Travellers

The covid-19 pandemic has taken a significant toll on the airline industry. With people still afraid of boarding planes, airlines are doing everything they can to boost confidence. United Airlines has since confirmed plans to offer pre-flight COVID-1 testing in a bid to assure people of their safety while traveling.

United Airlines Rapid Test

The embattled airline has already tested the COVID-19 testing program in Hawaii. The program is designed to provide travelers with rapid COVID-19 test results before boarding. After successful trials, the airline plans to try out the program on a flight bound to London next month.

The airline is to test people for COVID-19 using the rapid molecular Abbot ID Now tests. The program will run from November 16 through December 11 on some United Airlines flights from its hub in Newark, New Jersey, and into London’s Heathrow.

Any passenger who decides not to be tested on the designated flights will have to be moved to other flights. In this case, every passenger, as well as crew members on board, will have to undergo the COVID-19 test other than children under two.

The rapid COVID-19 test program is part of United Airlines’ plan to coax people that it is safe to travel. The airline hopes the test will boost travel demand as it struggles to fill airplanes amid the pandemic.

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 COVID-19 Second Wave

Amid the rapid tests, the airline faces an uncertain future as the second wave of infections is already taking a toll on many countries. The U.S is seeing a spike in new cases with Europe facing a similar fate to the extent for France and Germany imposing lockdowns.

With the risk of travel bans increasing by the day, carriers hope that pre-flight testing will convince governments not to ban air travel, as was the case in the first half of the year. Total lockdowns is the last thing that United Airlines and its counterparts need after feeling its full effects early in the year.

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