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Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) Latest Audio Tweet To Compete With Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) And Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP)

Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) has moved to add a more human touch to its social networking app with the launch voice tweeting feature. In addition to normal tweets, people will soon be able to update their timelines with audio tweets that are up to 140 seconds long. Any voice message that is longer than 140 seconds will automatically trigger thread.

Twitter Audio feature

A push to voice messages is part of the social networking app push to give people alternatives to the normal 280 characters tweets. The fact that 280 characters are at times not enough, the voice feature should help enhance conversations within the networking app.

The Audio feature will allow people to only post voice messages to original posts according to Twitter in a blog post. In this case, it will not be possible to post voice messages in replies or retweets waiting to see if Twitter will expand the feature to other functionalities.

Another thing to note is that once an audio is posted it will appear with a static image of the user’s profile picture. Other users will be able to listen to the voice message by hitting the play button appearing as a dock at the bottom of the app. Likewise, the voice messages will continue playing in the background even on a user switching to other apps.

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Audio Tweet impact

The feature should allow Twitter to compete with Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram, all of which make it possible for people to interact with family and friends through a voice message. Similarly, the feature should strengthen Twitter’s competitive edge against Snap Inc. (NYSE:SNAP), which supports voice messages as well.

Ahead of the official launch, the new Twitter voice feature will be available to a limited Group of iOS users as Twitter continues to polish the feature. The audio tweet feature should be available to all users in the coming weeks

The new voice message could pose some moderation problems for the social networking app. For starters, Twitter could be forced to explain how it intends to make it easier for people with hearing problems to listen to the audio tweets

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