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Top Five Investment Ideas For 2020

Investing is no longer an option but a necessity for anyone looking to accrue wealth to live life on the fast lane. The pursuit of another source income to buy a house or that dream car is one of the reasons why people are increasingly searching for investment ideas.

When it comes to choosing investment ideas, it is important to take into consideration risk tolerance as well as the time factor for returns. If you are looking to grow wealth in pursuit of financial prosperity below are some of the best investment ideas for 2020

Certificate Deposits

Certificate Deposits are a must pick for anyone not looking for immediate income and ready to lock up their money a little bit longer. Issued by banks’ certificate of deposits come with the guarantee of high-interest rate than savings accounts, on invested capital. Invest in CDs to take advantage of nearly 2.25% in interest payments while resting assured of the security of invested capital.

Treasury Securities

When it comes to secure investments, nothing beats Treasury bills backed by governments such as the U, S government. From time to time, the government issues T-bills in a bid to raise money to finance various projects

Treasury bills issued for more than two years allows investors to earn fixed interest every six months. Upon maturity, you will be able to get all the invested capital in addition to all the interest earned. Treasury Bills are some of the best investment options for 2020 as they are backed by the full faith of the government.

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Investing in Stocks

While most stocks are currently trading at peak levels, not seen before, there are still opportunities worth pursuing in the equity markets in 2020. Amidst the soaring economic and political outlook, it would be wise to only focus on value and growth stocks if one is to generate significant returns from the stock market.

Cannabis stocks would be an ideal choice for 2020 as the industry is still in the infancy stage. Stocks of companies tied to emerging technologies such as Artificial intelligence and blockchain would fit the bill as growth stocks

Investors can also take note of stocks that pay reliable dividends as a way of generating some income on the side while awaiting stock price appreciation.

Trading Commodities

Diversifying an investment portfolio with commodities also fits the bill as one of the best investment ideas for 2020. While the World Bank has warned that prices of various commodities would edge lower, one can still take advantage of any drop that might come into play by shorting the market.

The World Bank expects oil prices to range $58 a barrel, Gold to trade at $1470 an ounce, Silver at $17 and Copper price at $6230.

Higher Yield Savings

Investing in a high yield savings account could also go a long way in creating a reliable stream of income. With fewer overhead costs, any investor can leverage high yield savings account to enjoy higher interest rate on invested capital. Savings accounts are liquid as one can invest and withdraw funds at any given time.

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