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SpaceX Sets New Record On Starlink Satellites Launches

SpaceX has set a new record for the highest number of Starlink satellite launches in a year. The company has successfully completed a 14th Starlink v1.0 launch in less than a year. The latest Falcon 9 rocket launch resulted in the positioning of 60 more Starlink internet relay satellites on the lower earth orbit.

SpaceX Starlink Launches

To date, SpaceX has launched 895 satellites as it continues to ramp up efforts to provide high-speed broadband internet service. The latest launch experienced mishaps, with SpaceX forced to delay a little bit as it tried to fix a faulty onboard camera. Once everything was Okayed, the company pushed the 229-foot-tall rocket from pad 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

The climb was a success from the lower atmosphere, and the Falcon 9 flew settled back to landing on an offshore drone ship. All the 60 Starlink satellites launched were released and left to fly on their own, bringing to 95 successful Falcon 9 flights.

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Immediate reports indicate that as many as 53 Starlink satellites have been deorbited. Two have so far re-entered after failures, with 20 appearing to no longer be maneuvering. Currently, SpaceX has about 820 satellites believed to be in operation.

SpaceX Plan

Having already launched 895 satellites, SpaceX is planning to launch more than 12,000 small satellites in multiple orbital planes. The launch should allow the company to offer commercial users with a line of sight access to space-based broadband signals. The space giant has already started testing the broadband service in some select areas.

SpaceX’s ultimate goal is to provide a one of a kind broadband service with speeds and latency previously unavailable in hard-to-reach and rural areas. The large constellation expected to grow to tens of thousands of satellites before achieving maximum target coverage should offer latency and reliability not experienced before.

Following recent success in the launch of satellites, Morgan Stanley has doubled its long-term valuation estimate. The investment firm now expects SpaceX to be worth $100 billion due to its positioning in the global space industry.

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