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Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Unveils New Privacy Tools for YouTube, Google Maps and Google Assistant

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has unveiled a number of consumer privacy tools for its mostly used products such as YouTube, Google Maps, as well as Google Assistant. The tools will allow users to manage, control, and erase data that the company collects from users using its services.

Incognito Mode for Maps

For Google Maps., users will now have the “Incognito Mode for Map” that prevents Google from collecting specific data. It also removes the customization touches from the Maps app. This can make the user’s movement untraceable.

Google will roll out then Incognito Mode for Maps which builds on the incognito mode of the chrome browser this month. The incognito mode appeared for the YouTube app at the beginning of this year. To keep Google from tracking your movement, you can opt to Incognito Mode from the menu appearing on your profile in Maps. The feature will be available for android this month, but iOS users will have to wait before they get to use the feature.

Google Assistant and YouTube history delete

Google has also introduced auto-delete history for your YouTube activity. This means that after some time your YouTube history will clear and you can set it between like three to eighteen months. YouTube will automatically clear your activity, but alternatively, you can choose to delete the history manually.

On Google Assistant, the company has indicated that it will soon launch a feature that will allow you to erase your Assistant activity through a voice command. For instance, you could say “Hey Google, Delete what is said to you” or “Hey Google delete all that I said last week.” Of you want to delete what you said before last week, there is a prompt that will take you to the account settings page to complete the command.

Google has been keeping the history of searches by default, but now with the privacy tools, you are can delete your history. The company’s data protection officer Eric Miraglia indicated that all the changes aim at enhancing user experience. He said that part of the experience is to make users in control of their activity on Google.

There have been allegations that the voice assistant data is actually being reviewed in a bid to enhance Google Assistant’s responses and reactions. The privacy tools can now solve privacy issues emanating from the use of the assistant.

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