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Global Privacy Control The New Web Setting For Enhanced Privacy

Global Privacy Control is the new standard that promises to let internet users set their privacy settings for the entire web. It is work in progress of a group of tech companies and activist groups, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and DuckDuckGo striving to protect people’s privacy.

Web Privacy Setting

The new standard will let internet users set a single setting that would be applied in browsers or through a browser extension. The privacy setting will tell each website not to sell or share a visitor’s data. The new standard can be activated via the configuration menu of the DuckDuckGo browser and should be available in future versions of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

The standard was designed with the aim of allowing some form of data sharing with service providers and curbing the building of aggregate profiles on the internet. Many at times, the profiles created are used by search engines and social media companies to discern people’s interests and demographics as well as propagate targeted advertising.

Under a provision by the Californian Consumer Privacy Act, the setting is expected to send a legally binding request that website operators must protect and not sell any data. The backers of the new standard, led by the Financial Times, the New York Times, are already planning to communicate the new standard to European Privacy standards.

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Global Privacy Control

While the news standard is still in the experimental stage, it could still be enforceable under Europe’s General Data. The standard could still transition into a fully-fledged standard on the internet as a legal authorities and industry groups have ample time to react and put it across the web.

Accepted and fully implemented, Global Privacy control could end up preventing website operators and companies from building cross-site profiles. Similarly, it is seen as a standard that could help bring some sanity when it comes to the handling of user’s data by bringing an element of privacy.

Likewise, it will provide a layer of protection against nagging adverts that always seem to follow internet users across the web. It should also help limit some of the negative effects such as the filter bubble and misinformation to discrimination.

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