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Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Ends Support For Tik Tok and Pinterest Copycat Apps

It’s the end of the road for two popular video sharing apps, barely two years after launch on Facebook. The social networking giant has confirmed it is ending support for Tik Tok rival Lasso and Pinterest rival Hobbi starting July 10th.

Lasso Shutdown

Facebook is reportedly ending support for Lasso as it looks to focus its resources on Instagram Reel feature. In a bid to take on Tik Tok, the tech giant unveiled the Reels that allows users to record and edit Tik Tok style videos, which are then posted on Instagram stories.

Lasso is a popular video-sharing app that allows Facebook users to record short videos for up to 15 seconds and with overlay music on top. Launched a year and a half ago, the app has enjoyed its fair share of success allowing Facebook to take on Tik Tok, which is taking the social networking space by storm

Lasso has generated close to 10 million downloads in app stores despite being launched in a handful of countries, mostly in Latin America. However, it became clear that the app was not up to the task to allow Facebook to compete better against Tik Tok.

Focus on Reels on Instagram

Tik Tok powered by ByteDance has garnered close to 2 billion downloads since it went live. It now appears that Facebook believes the Reels feature, on Instagram, has what it takes to take on Tik Tok in the race for consumer’s eyes.

Initially launched in Brazil last month, the Reels feature reach has been expanded to France and Germany. There are plans to make it available in more countries where Tik Tok is also popular.

 Facebook is also ending support for Hobbi, a Pinterest kind of app that allowed Facebook users in the U.S   to document share and organize their hobbies. Available only on the Apple App Store, the app has received fewer than 7,000 downloads.

This is not the first time that Facebook has shut down copycat apps that have failed to live up to expectations. In the past, it has ended support for

Poke launched to take on Snapchat and Camera an Instagram copycat.

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