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Apple Sues iPhone Recycler GEEP Canada For $31 Million

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is suing its former contractor for allegedly re-selling iPhones, iPads, and Watches that were supposed to be disassembled. GEEP Canada allegedly resold over 1000,000 iOS devices deemed to be unsafe for consumer use.

Apple vs. GEEP Canada

Apple is seeking close to $31 million from GEEP Canada for opting to resell the devices instead of disassembling them as agreed. Apple identified the devices in question after discovering that 18% of the devices in question were still accessing the internet even though they were not supposed to. The count does not include devices that access the internet through Wi-Fi Networks.

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GEEP Canada is yet to refute the theft claims. However, the company insists it was not the one that initiated the theft but some employees who stole the devices to benefit themselves. The tech giant has countered the allegation insisting that the employees in question were indeed senior executives who acted on behalf of the company.

Apple sued GEEP Canada on claims that even though it does refurbish devices and resells devices, it ensures they meet all the safety and quality standards, which might not have been the case with resold GEEP Canada devices. The iPhone maker also insists that devices sent for recycling are no longer adequate to resell to consumers as they could cause serious safety issues.

Advocacy Groups Outrage

Apple’s has found itself at a collision course with third party repair groups over its repair and recycling policies. The groups insist that the company maintains stringent regulations that continue to harm the industry.

The company has since invested in in-house recycling machines, call Dave and Daisy. The machines are designed to strip down up to 200 phones an hour and recover essential components that are good but difficult to find. The actions have not gone well with many people with advocacy groups insisting that the tech giant should focus on re-using rather than recycling. Re-using is seen as an ideal way of reducing the more than 53 million tons of electronic wastes generated in 2019 alone.

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