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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Eyes Cheap Battery Components For 5G Powered iPhones

The integration of 5G technology in iPhones was always going to be an expensive undertaking. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is slowly coming to terms with the fact that the revolutionary technology could make its phones extremely expensive, at a time when sales appear to be slowing. Upgrading iPhones to receive sub 6GHz 5G signal has the potential to increase the production cost by between $75 and $85 per unit.

iPhone Battery Adjustments

To ensure that the next 5G-powered iPhones are affordable for the masses, the tech giant is reportedly considering going with cheaper iPhone battery parts. Reports indicate that Apple plans to use less expensive components in its next iPhone that will come with 5G networks. One of the biggest reductions will touch on the battery, where the company hopes to achieve some reductions when it comes to production costs.

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According to Analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo Apple is looking at reducing the number of layers in the battery board in addition to placing cell components in a small area. The adjustments will result in the overall cost of the battery being 40% to 50% low.

The adjustments will not only affect the next iPhone but also AirPods slated for release next year. Regulatory filing indicates that iPhone 12 could come with a 2227mAh battery a downgrade from 3110mAH battery in iPhone 11 Pro.

Battery Changes Impact

It is still unclear, the kind of impact the adjustments will have on the battery overall capacity. Last year the tech giant beefed up batteries capacity making it possible for them to hold power much longer. The iPhone 11 Pro, for instance, holds power 5-hours longer than the 2018 iPhone XS Max.

With the integration of 5G Network, the next iPhone could consume power much faster than current 4G LTE iPhones especially given then 40-50% battery reductions. However, there is an also a possibility of Apple improving energy consumption with the increase of transistors to 15 billion with the new 5Nm A14 Bionic Chipset.

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