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American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ:AAL) Turns To Coating To Combat Coronavirus in Planes

American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ:AAL) is planning to use a new surface coating on its airplanes as it looks to assure travelers of their safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Manufactured by, Allied BioScience the new coating product promises to be a game changer in an industry hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Coating

According to trials, the coating has the potential to kill the havoc, causing virus for up to seven days. The coating is designed to provide an added layer of protection in public places where there are many people. Regulatory filings indicate that the product can inactivate viruses and bacteria within two hours of application and keep on working for up to two days.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency is set to give the airline the go-ahead to use the new coating that will help supplement routine cleaning and disinfection in the fight against coronavirus. The agency is poised to issue a go-ahead for the use of the coating in the state of Texas under the emergency exemption request.

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According to reports, the EPA will allow the use of the new coating on American Airlines planes as well as airport facilities in Texas. Likewise, any initial application and reapplication must occur in the state. Allied Bioscience has since moved to make the product available across the country. The company is currently seeking non-emergency approval.

Accelerating Air Travel

The airline hopes that the new coating will help convince people that it is safe to start flying amid a second wave of coronavirus infections. The use of a coating that can inactivate the coronavirus is a welcome to an industry hit hard by the pandemic. People have refrained from traveling, having emerged that one can get infected on touching a surface or objects that already have the virus.

For American Airlines, the coating is a much welcome as it is looking for ways to accelerate traffic into airports, having dried significantly in recent months.

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