Market News, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Kills Barcode Shopping Tool Dash Wand

Amazon has lost touch with its Alexa-enabled Dash Wand. The e-commerce giant has confirmed it will no longer offer support for the device, which lets people scan items using barcodes and add them to shopping carts. In an email to users, the tech giant has confirmed the device will no longer operate as usual starting July 21st.

Dash Wand End

The Wi-Fi-enabled Dash Wand came into being in 2017 as an update of Amazon’s original Dash device. The handheld battery-based Alexa-powered device came with a barcode that people would use to order more food by simply scanning the existing container of items in their household. The fun toy made it easy to add items to shopping carts and have them delivered as part of the Amazon Prime program.

Amazon did give out the $50 handheld device for free to Prime members for free as part of an effort of encouraging them to do shopping with ease by simply scanning barcodes. However, the e-commerce giant did not do much after releasing the device. It did not carry out any updates afterward in a bid to make it more effective.

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Alexa Speaker Factor

Last year, Amazon did kill the physical button for the shopping device in what appears to have been the first step to ending its support. By ending support, Amazon is encouraging Dash Wand owners to participate in a device recycling program whereby users will be able to de-register it from their account under the mange content and devices section.

Dash Wand lost its purpose as Amazon enhanced its Alexa capable speakers, making them affordable and ubiquitous. Alexa speakers can perform almost everything that the Dash Wand devices do with perfection. In addition, the unveiling of the Echo Dot which fits perfectly in the kitchen represents a better value seen as an ideal replacement of the Dash Wand.

Even as Amazon ends support for the device, owners will still be able to leverage the device’s voice assistant to do other functions in parts where Alexa speaker does not have coverage.

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