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Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Working On New ‘Google Home’ Smart Speaker

Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is working on a new smart speaker to replace the discontinued Google Home. According to reports, ‘Prince’ is the name of the new Nest-branded smart speaker under development that will pack more thump than its predecessor.

Google Home Replacement

Prince will feature larger speaker drivers, one of the key improvements on the original Google Home. Its sound capabilities will lie between that of the original Google Home and the Google Home Max. The upgrade is part of an effort of enhancing the smart speaker sound capabilities as Google looks to battle for market share against other players in the space

Google Assistant will power the new smart speaker. However, it is still unclear as to the kind of new features that the software will come with, to differentiate Prince from Google Home. Some of the features likely to feature include Stereo Speaker pairing. The speaker might also lack display.

Information is still sketchy on which marketing name the new smart speaker will go to market with. While Google is yet to confirm on the release date, it is highly likely Prince will be available on shelves sometime in the fall.

Pricing of the Google Home replacement will be much higher to compensate for more features as well as increased capabilities. However, it is not expected to cost more than the Google Home Max.

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