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Cryptocurrency Is A Resilient Subculture That Is Gradually Becoming Mainstream

For quite some time cryptocurrencies have been considered a preserve of geeks and nerds with a lot of criticism from various factions but the tide seems to have turned. There has been a significant interest in cryptocurrencies from major corporations and governments as mainstream adoption of digital currencies continues to grow.

Cryptocurrency is a subculture here to stay

Cryptocurrency is a subculture that has grown significantly in recent years. It commonly referred to as Bitcoin and it has the massive potential of making billionaires. Most people considered cryptocurrencies as an irrelevant and fast-moving fad considering the hype it was receiving from fans. But like most subcultures, crypto has been subversive and deviant and now mainstream adoption is beginning to grow.

The cryptocurrency space burst into life in 2018 with Bitcoin hitting all-time highs. However, most of the gains that speculators and investors had made fizzled out and from that time the industry has been recovering facing a bearish marketplace. Crypto has been beavering away and nowadays there are cryptocurrency exchanges where crypto enthusiasts can trade bitcoin. Equally, new firms are emerging in the industry as others mature and start creating value for investors.

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Mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency growing

This subculture is attracting support nowadays on social networks from YouTube to Twitter where the conversation about digital currencies is taking place. However, as the culture grows it is drawing even those that saw it as a fad. Nowadays governments are concerned about crypto and banks that have been dismissive and skeptical about digital currencies have started joining the conversation. At first, even payment service providers such as MasterCard and PayPal didn’t want anything to do with Bitcoin but that is changing.

Cryptocurrency has come a long way and it seems it is time for mainstream adoption. Financial networks such as PayPal, MasterCard as well as the government have been creating policies preparing for cryptocurrency becoming a norm in our lives. Soon people will start investing in cryptocurrency companies which is huge with names like Reserve, Bitcoin, Cardano, VeChain being offered by regulated funds.

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