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Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) Partners with SingularityNET To Build Artificial General Intelligence Solutions

Tech giant Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) has partnered with decentralized AI company SingularityNET to use its blockchain-based platform in hosting its Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technologies.

AGI technology to enable machines to reason

AGI is an artificial intelligence aspect whose focus is the ability of the computer to learn intellectual tasks that humans can perform. Sometimes called “Strong AI,” it emphasizes the ability of the machine to solve puzzles, reason in unclear circumstances, plan as well as communicate in natural language. For instance, AI might be able to learn about reading characters on a page, but AGI offers more and might give intuition on how to write a book.

SingularityNET CEO, Ben Goertzel stated that the scale of AGAI deployments requires by a firm like CISCO will be tremendous and game-changing. He added that they are currently working hard to ensure their blockchain-based platform and AGI tools are up to the required standard. Goertzel said that what they have so far delivered to Cisco on the smart traffic analytics through OpenCog’s deep neural networks and logical reasoning is just a tip of the iceberg. The CEO said that they have more lined up in the AGI sector.

Deployment of tech to be in form “Narrow AGI”

Goertzel said that the preliminary deployments if the tech will be in the form of “Narrow AGI” solutions that incorporate the technology into vertical markets such as medical research, advertising, financial analytics, and computer networking. SingularityNET has democratized AI through the decentralization of its source, which prevents any single player or force from hiding the ability of the computer to learn.

Cisco and SingularityNET expect massive potential in the development of AGI. According to Goertzel, the tech will offer significant commercial benefit to whoever will build it. He adds that AGI will gain significant traction across the world in the near-term. Goertzel believes that in the next decade, we are going to witnesses AGIs with better IQs relative to that of human.

Goertzel, who is also the founder of SingularityNET, stated that building a decentralized thinking machine requires a lot in terms of putting together various complex ingredients to realize the solution. He says the collaboration with a company Cisco’s size will provide the opportunity to accelerated development.

SingularityNET is popular for its solutions in various sectors. In May the company partnered with Malaysia and Singapore’s Domino Pizza to use the SingularityNet blockchain-based AI tech in its supply chain processes.

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