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Cindicator Unveils App for Making Informed Decisions On Digital Assets Trading

Edge is the new app in the vast cryptocurrency sphere that seeks to transform how people receive and track over 150 digital assets. Launched by hybrid intelligence firm, Cindicator, the app is available in demo basis and open to owners of Cindicator tokens.

How Cindicator Edge App Works

With the app, users can gain access to analytical products as well as integrated CND tokens to other tokenized ecosystems. However, for CND users to use the app, they must first connect their Ethereum wallet as a way of unlocking up to 12 indicators a week.

Integration of analytical indicators seeks to make it easy for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to make informed decisions when it comes to trading various digital assets. Edge also makes it possible to estimate events across various crypto assets as well as stocks and futures. Cindicator is relying on the fact that the indicators on offer are usually 60% correct, under various market conditions, to ramp up support for Edge app.

“We believe Edge will make Hybrid Intelligence indicators more convenient and efficient. We have already tested it with 400 users and received some great feedback. Now we’re rolling it out for everybody to test out the indicators and try trading based on them — which is easier than ever to do with new in-app charts,” said Lad Kazak product owner.

Cindicator Kyber Partnership

In addition, Cindicator has inked a strategic partnership with Khyber. A deal with the on-chain liquidity protocol and payment service should make it easy for people to convert various digital assets all in the effort of integrating decentralized products into the CND ecosystem.

Similarly, the partnership makes it possible for people to acquire CND tokens from the Edge app without having to visit cryptocurrency exchanges. Kyber’s Protocol will also enable seamless and instant token swaps while aggregating liquidity from various sources.

The unveiling of Edge app comes on the heels of CND token listing in the Khyber Network. The listing has made the altcoin more accessible across the world. The altcoin is the native coin powering the CND ecosystem and provides a way for people to access an array of Cindicator’s analytical products.

In a bid to increase supply, Cindicator distributes a number of CND tokens every month as rewards to analysts who contribute insights and answer questions on the Collective intelligence platform.

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