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BitAmp – User-Friendly Client-Side Bitcoin Wallet

BitAmp casts itself as an open-source, client source cryptocurrency wallet that allows people to send and receive Bitcoins on the blockchain. It differs from other Bitcoin wallets as it accords users full control of their seed and private keys. Likewise, it adheres to the best security practices.

BitAmp Security Measures

The easy-to-use client-side open-source Bitcoin wallet allows users to create Bitcoin wallets on writing down a 12-word seed instantly. Likewise, one can also access their holdings on other platforms such as Electrum, Mycelium, and Ledger securely with the help of the seed phrases.

In an era where people’s data is always at risk amidst an increased number of security breaches, BitAmp has sought to ensure that users are still in control of their data and Bitcoins. All operations on the Bitcoin wallet are performed locally in user’s browsers using JavaScript and user’s seeds. The user’s private keys and data are never transmitted stored or saved. Therefore, users are always in control of their Bitcoin.

Anonymity is of utmost importance with BitAmp as one of the measures to protect user’s data and crypto holdings. Similarly, clients don’t have to provide personal information to use the wallet service.

How to Create a BitAmp Wallet

Creating a BitAmp Bitcoin wallet is as easy as going to the BitAmp website and selecting ‘create a new wallet.’ After filling some details, the site will generate a 12-word recovery seed used to gain access to the wallet.

The seed should be written down and stored in a safe place and never shared by any person. The seed acts as a password used to access Bitcoin stored in the wallet. By entering the seed, you will be able to log into your BitAmp wallet to access the bitcoins. Similarly, it is used when planning to import Bitcoin from one wallet to another.

Seed And Private Keys

Whenever users generate new wallets logins to send and receive Bitcoin, everything happens locally within the user’s browser. Seed and private keys are never transmitted or stored as security measures of keeping hackers at bay.

Growing calls not to store holdings in crypto exchanges have provided an opportunity for BitAmp to leverage its top-notch Bitcoin wallet. The wallet is tamper-proof thanks to the use of private keys that are never stored in the wallet, but users must store them.

Besides offering a platform for sending and receiving Bitcoin, BitAmpBitAmp also provides primers for various topics that help novice users have a head start in handling cryptocurrencies. For instance, it has rich content on how to buy Bitcoin, spend Bitcoin as well as Bitcoin mining and the best Crypto exchanges

BitAmp Pros

  • Easy to access through a web browser
  • Non-custodial. Does not store customers data or private keys
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface for easy navigation

BitAmp Cons

Web wallets may not be the safest ways of accessing cryptocurrencies.

Bottom Line

BitAmp is a client-side Bitcoin wallet offering a user-friendly way of sending and receiving Bitcoin. Its interface is simple enough to use, even for novice users, in addition to coming with features ideal for advanced users.

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